Essentials for a successful Blinder video call

  • Accept browser permissions - allow access to your camera and microphone. For further information on how to do this manually on mobile click here and on computer click here.

  • Charge up - ensure your phone has a good battery charge as low battery levels or being in 'power saving' modes diminishes video quality.

  • Connectivity - always use a stable and fast internet connection. We recommend a 3 Mbps upload speed.


Tips to make you look good

Download and print our Superior Video Call Performance Checklist for easy reference!

  • Audio quality - avoid distracting background noises or try using headphones with a microphone.

  • Picture quality - quiet, open spaces are best. Sit your phone down to maintain a steady frame or consider using a selfie stick/tripod.

  • Camera position - look directly into the camera and hold your head high.

  • Lighting - be sure there is enough light on your face and not behind you.


Advice from our tech team

  • The maximum number of participants in a video call is four. Each link can only be used from a single device at a time.

  • iPhones only support Safari. Please ensure you are not using Chrome on an iPhone as the video will not work.

  • Computers running Windows 7 will not work with Blinder.

  • Please ensure screen auto rotate is enabled on your phone.

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