If you've been scheduled to join a Blinder video call and want the best possible appearance, you're in the right place. Watch our short video and use the tips below as a guide to create a high-quality experience.

8 tips for best video and audio performance

  1. Use your device with the best camera, but anchor it to a fixed position.

  2. Use Chrome. (iPhone and iPad users will have to use Safari.)

  3. Be plugged in or fully charged.

  4. Use the network with fastest upload speed. (8 Mbps or higher is recommended.)

  5. Close any open tabs and applications, and stop other streaming videos on your network (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

  6. Face towards your primary source of light.

  7. Take your call in a quiet area.

  8. Wipe your lens!

For more details, read this article in our blog.

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