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Blinder security & privacy
Blinder security & privacy

How we keep your data safe

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  • All data stored in Blinder’s database is encrypted, as are its backups.

  • The data is encrypted in transfer.

  • The operating system of our application servers, as well as the database server, are patched to install the latest security and performance improvements.

  • Video calls are encrypted end-to-end.

  • Audio calls are not encrypted as they happen over a regular phone line.

  • The video and audio recordings are encrypted at rest and in transfer.

  • All data is accessible solely via authenticated API endpoints.

Privacy and data access

  • The users are only authorised to access data that has been created by themselves or other users under the same Blinder account.

  • The recordings can be shared with video/audio call participants and they must pass a 2-factor authentication check in order to retrieve them.

  • Each video participant has a unique link per video call that has a short expiry to prevent “zoombombing“ attacks. Links are never re-used.

  • Blinder staff do not access customer data unless consent is explicitly given by the customer in order to troubleshoot or support.

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